Thoughts on Thursdays: Casey Anthony

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Casey Anthony has finally resurfaced after 6 months of being in seclusion.  The infamous 25 year old  mother who was acquitted of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee in July of last year returned to America’s conscience on yesterday via a video log that was posted online.  Ms. Anthony, wearing a very different hair style and color from the last time we saw her, appeared in this 4 minute and 20 second video (watch here).  And with the acquittal by a jury of her peers…I believe she has every right to do so.  But just because you have the right to do something…DOESN’T MEAN YOU DO SO!!  We as Americans have the rights and liberties to do various things, but you have to use some discretion when doing so.  In her vlog Ms. Anthony boasted about her purchase of a new computer and her adopting a dog…never once making mention to Caylee.  And even if some of you are thinking…well maybe if she mentioned her daughter a lot of people would be outraged and say that her doing so was in poor taste….I’m here to say this entire video was in poor taste.  You were on trial for killing your daughter!!  And even though you were acquitted, you were found guilty of 4 counts of perjury for lying to the authorities.  So you are culpable for some of your actions.  Ms. Anthony boasts in her vlog that things in her life are getting back to normal and she promises more posts in the future.  Please Ms. Anthony……spare us.  As a matter of fact spare yourself!  We don’t need or want to know about your computer or your dog.  Just fade into oblivion.  Find something quiet to do with your life…never to be heard of again.  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!


Thoughts on Thursdays: Marriage?

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Do couples these days get married for the union or for the wedding??  I have been asking myself that question recently because most couples that I encounter are having so many issues and problems (so early into the marriage) that I ask myself: did you guys put any thought into what it was going to take to sustain the marriage?  Or was it just about the ceremony?  What designer will I pick for my dress?  Which caterer are we having for the dinner?  What band am I going to have to perform, and what will our first dance be?  But it doesn’t seem like anyone is putting any thought into…how do I make this marriage work???  As I stated earlier, I have numerous friends and acquaintances who have recently gotten married and none of them are HAPPY!  Everyone is complaining about what the other person is not doing or has stopped doing OR NEVER DID!  I believe these are conversations that should have taken place before the wedding….before deciding do we serve chicken or fish?  Marriage can be a beautiful and wonderful union between two people who would like to spend the rest of their lives together, but remember…the wedding is ONE day.  Then the rest of your lives  together begins!!  So put a little more thought into the marriage and a little less on the wedding!!  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!

Tuesday’s Topic: Independant Woman: Pro or Con?

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The term Independent Woman is a relatively new one that has grown in popularity over the past decade or so, and the premise of it I agree with 100%.  But I think we have lost our way a bit with the true meaning of the phrase.  Starting in the mid to late 1970’s there were a number of babies born into the world and when these babies arrived there were a group of expecting dads who at the time were selfish and didnt want the responsiblity of raising a child and providing for a family.  The result of those actions left a number of women forced  into a dual role of being both mom and dad, and I truly  believe out of these circumstances the Independent Woman was spawned.  But in those days women did those things out of necessity, not out of bitterness or fear that the women of today carry.  I often hear from women that they dont need a man for anything and they can raise a family and have a career on their own.  And those things may be true, but in saying that you’re only perpetuating the same behavior the men of the 1970’s did…just in your own way!!  You’re being selfish because you have been scarred or hurt in the past.  Now you want to eliminate the entire role of a father in the life of a child and by doing so disconnect yourself from having a companion as well!!  These are the actions of a group of people that haven’t totally thought this process through.  We all need somebody.  And let me reiterate, I totally understand being independent and I applaud it.  But being independent doesn’t mean being lonely…and your bitterness and fear is making you just that…..LONELY!!  There are only so many pets you can own to try and fill that void.  There are only so many happy hours that you and your fellow Independent Women can attend before the drinks kick in and it turns into a “MEN AIN’T ISH” and “THERE AREN’T ANY GOOD MEN” sessions.  So PLEASE dont miss my message of what I’m saying to you.  Yes reach for the stars and achieve your goals.  It’s said GOD blesses the child that has his own, but he also made Adam and Eve together!!  So please remember that the next time you’re being so “INDEPENDENT”.

Thoughts on Thursdays: Kudos to the “GOOD DADS”!

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Good Morning Toughtalkers!  I was pondering something in my head, so if you would allow me to indulge myself for a minute I would like to commend the Dads today.  When I have been traveling around recently and attending various sporting events and eating at restaurants I’ve noticed a trend…men and their kids out together.  There was once a time that this sight would have been a rarity, but now I witness it often.  I know some of you single mothers may feel that it’s not that way for you, and THOSE men need to step up and take care of their responsibility!  And if your child’s father isn’t doing so, then I understand your dismay.  But I will also say, take care of your responsibility as well.  Get to know the men you’re dating.  See if the guy has any qualities or traits that may leave you in a position like the one you’re currently faced with.  In other words, know the guy you’re laying down with, especially if its going to be un-protected.

But this post is for the Dads not Moms, so i digress.  I just want to say all of you fathers that are out here fighting against all odds, sacrificing and doing all you can to be a Father to your kids…continue to do so because you have NO IDEA how much the little things and life lessons that you teach a child will impact their lives longterm.  It may just be the difference in being the Defense Attorney or the Defendant, the C.O.( Correctional Officer) or the Inmate, the Arrest or the Arrested.  So keep these things in mind!  GOOD JOB DADS!! …JUST MY THOUGHTS!!

Tuesday’s Topic: “Keeping it Real” is for Liars!!!

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Good Morning Toughtalkers!  I’m here to discuss a statement that I believe has been overused and I don’t really understand the origin of the phrase….KEEP IT REAL.  Now this statement can be overheard in many different walks of life, from the playgrounds of the inner city to your local college campus…from your local barbershops/beauty salons to Madison Avenue.  This phrase is now used in commercials, movies, etc.  Even Dave Chappelle had a segment in his critically acclaimed Comedy Central show based around this statement!  And after all of that, I still have a hard time trying to understand the meaning.  I know its self explanatory, “keep it real” or “keep it 100”, but to me that’s implying that in some type of way, either you or I are a liar!!  If you have to tell me to keep it real with you, that means I have been lying to you and now you want me to be honest.  How many liars are you people encountering on a daily basis that you have to preface your conversation with “keep it real”?  Or are you the person that normally lies and everyone knows this…so by beginning your sentence with those 3 words, it gives you validity to your conversation?  You might as well say “I always lie to you, but this time I’m telling you the truth!!”  If you have to state “I’m keeping it real” to your family and friends then you may need to start keeping it real with yourself….You Liars!