Whatever happened to the outrage and public outcry over the Troy Davis case?  Mr. Davis was executed on September 21, 2011 in the state of Georgia by lethal injection for a murder he was convicted of in 1989.  Mr. Davis had exhausted all of his appeals and was facing execution when the public (through various media outlets) caught wind of the story and it snowballed into something that we often see…especially in the African American community. The story started off small, but then radio stations started to run segments about the case, consequently several nightly news programs started off their evening programs about the case, then the facebook/twitter generation picked it up, and the story was on everyone’s tongue after that.  I heard all sorts of different commentary surrounding the case, from they’re killing a innocent man, to the police dept and the DA doesn’t make mistakes, if he didn’t do it he did something that night, to we don’t believe in the death penalty, to they’re only killing him because he’s black.  But what I don’t understand is with all of the emotions that went into this case…less than 3 weeks later….15 days to be exact…WHERE IS EVERYONE??  Where are the candlelight vigils?  Where are the picket signs?  Where are the protesters?  Where are the “CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS”?  Where are the Facebook and Twitter blasts??  WHERE ARE YOU GUYS??  A young man was put to death and if you felt as strongly as you professed in the days before his execution…WHERE ARE YOU??  All some of us wanted to do is use this moment in time to vent our frustrations on what’s wrong with society.  To vent about our plight in life at this time.  To cry out about how we felt when we were pulled over by the police and harassed.  To the injustice some have been feeling as African Americans living in a society they view as unfair to them, only because color of their skin.  But we have to learn that we can’t attach our personal life mishaps to others causes, especially when that person is fighting for their life.  And I know, I know…this doesn’t pertain to you…but ask yourself a question…if it doesn’t, then WHERE ARE YOU??  Where are your email blasts??  Where are your T-shirts?  Where is your outrage on local radio?  WHERE ARE YOU??  I’m asking this question to invoke some thought or inspire some conversation on the matter.  What was I really crying out about?  A wrongfully accused man being put to death or my personal feelings about my own injustices that I’ve been through?  If you’re doing the latter then it’s time to let go and grow from this.  And if you feel like you’re angry about Mr. Davis’ execution then…WHERE ARE YOU?? 

If you want to do more, educate and organize!  Click here to see what they are doing in Savannah, GA to mourn and take aim at injustice.