Thoughts On Thursdays: Forfeiting the Game

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Good Morning Toughtalkerz…a Superintendent in Warren County Georgia has made a decision to force a school in her district (Warren County High) to forfeit a regional tournament basketball game bringing an end to their season.  Superintendent Carole Jean Carey arrived at this decision because of a incident that occurred during football season.  Warren County and rival school Hancock Central High faced each other and after the game was over, a huge brawl broke out between the two.  This melee gained national media attention (seen here) and was covered by nightly news broadcasts as well as sports talk shows.  The fight left the schools and their districts with shame and ridicule.  But my question to the school, the district and you Superintendent Carey is WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS?  The young men who had absolutely nothing to do with the altercation that occurred (in a entirely different sport by the way).  These young men who worked hard and sacrificed themselves…gave a 100% effort on and off the court…maintained a grade point average to play extra-curricular activities…and were good enough to reach the playoffs…what about them??  The Warren County Boys basketball team assembled outside their school the other day with arms locked in a show of solidarity in protest of the decision that was made.  These boys were just asking someone to give them a voice…to hear their side…well young men I have heard you!!  The decision that was made on your season ending was wrong!!  Their could have and should have been other alternatives to ensure safety…not just forfeiting the game.  If you’re unsure about the crowd that might attend…close the game to the public.  If you don’t want to do that then appeal to the local police station for police officers to provide security… or ask off duty police and fire fighters to volunteer their time to aid with crowd control.  Something could have been done!!  What are we teaching these young men?  Are we showing them that the only solution to an issue is just not deal with it??  We always teach kids that with hard work anything is possible in America…and the only way to win is to participate…and that is true…anywhere else except for Warren County Georgia!!  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!


What Were They Thinking Wednesdays: Rick Santorum

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Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum finished second in the Iowa Caucuses held on yesterday…with one of the most narrow finishes ever…and with his new found momentum going into the New Hampshire Primary I’m going to say…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  This has absolutely nothing to do with his finish in the Caucus but it has everything to do with the outlandish comments he has made while on the campaign trail.  Mr. Santorum has made numerous statements about minorities living off of government set-asides and made ridiculous comments (click here for a youtube clip) about welfare and food stamp programs.  So allow me, since Mr. Santorum is running for the Republican Nomination with the ultimate goal of becoming President of the United States, enlighten him some about these programs that he speaks of.  In Iowa, the same state that he uttered these ridiculous comments, 84% of food stamp recipients are white (yes shocker to some…I know) and nationally the average is about 70% of white americans who receive such assistance from these programs.  So this fabrication that minorities are the only ones that are benefiting from these programs is not only factually wrong, it’s plain RIDICULOUS!!!  We as Americans shouldn’t care who is benfitting from such programs, but should be proud  that we live in a country so great that assistance is provided for those in need.  That should be commended and not used as a divider between us.  I’m well aware of the card you’re trying to play here Mr. Santorum!  That baiting may have allowed you to achieve a second place finish in Iowa, and it may have breathed new life into your fledgeling campaign, but if thats the only card that you have to play…then your new found media coverage will be short- lived.  So enjoy your 15 minutes.  Your clock is now ticking.  And without some real ideas to lead this country, your time will be up soon!!  RICK SANTORUM…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??