What Were You Thinking Wednesdays: Ndamukong Suh


Detroit Lions Pro Bowl Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  On Thursday of last week, in front of a nationally televised Thanksgiving Day football game between the Detroit Lions and the undefeated defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers…Mr. Suh decided to step on Evan Dietrich-Smith’s right arm using his cleats and was immediately removed from the game (watch here).  Which in turn left the Lions at a tremendous disadvantage at trying to upset the Packers.  And even though most of us didn’t believe that Detroit was going to win the game anyway, Mr. Suh’s actions not only took him off the field that day, but as of now may take him off the field for the next 2 games as well.  On Tuesday The National Football League suspended Ndamukong Suh for his actions and behavior which occurred on Thanksgiving Day.  So with your actions you may have not only ruined your team’s chances to win a game against your division rivals, but you may have also dampened your teams chances of making the playoffs!!  The Lions’ record now sits at 7-4 and with the loss of Suh for their next 2 games, it maybe another season in Detroit without playoff football.  And after such a promising start, that would be a shame.  So Ndamukong, you are one of the most talented defensive players in the NFL and you have nothing but Hall of Fame talent…but if you don’t get your temper and emotions in check, instead of a Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at the end of your stellar career, we will be speaking of the talented man who just couldn’t control himself and wasted so much ability!!!  Ndamukong Suh….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!????


Tuesday’s Topic: Recession?

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IS THERE REALLY A RECESSION IN AMERICA?? I ask that question because we have arrived at the holiday season and the more things change, the more they remain the same.  We recently just experienced one the biggest shopping days on the calendar (Black Friday) and the retail industry had one of its most profitable periods in recent history.  And with “Cyber Monday” recording similar or greater sales totals, my question is…if there is a recession…where is all of this money coming from??  We are led to believe that there aren’t any jobs being generated, and that the unemployment rates are high.  We have people occupying the streets because of their dissatisfaction with the current economic system here America.  But over a 3 to 4 day period Americans have spent billions of dollars on shopping.  How is this even possible??  My thoughts are this “RECESSION” is a  fabricated one.  Not to say that some Americans aren’t struggling and having difficult times ascertaining employment, but if we as Americans can spend Billions of dollars in days, then I truly believe we can solve this ‘RECESSION”.  That’s if there ever really was one to begin with…..

It’s Monday!: Grossman or Beck?

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Lets Recap…The Washington Redskins ended their 6 game losing streak yesterday in Seattle with a 23-17 win over the Seahawks.  And with that win the Redskins are 4-7 on the season and tied with the disappointing Philadelphia Eagles for 3rd in the NFC East Division.  My question to Coach Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins Organization is: did the John Beck Experience sabotage your season?  The Redskins are 3 games behind the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants in the race for the NFC East Title and even though they’re having a terrible year by most fans opinions, if they didn’t bench Rex Grossman for John Beck for 2 1/2 games then we may be having a totally different conversation this morning.  Now don’t get me wrong, Rex Grossman is no Tom Brady by any stretch of the imagination.  But he is a average National Football League Quarterback with years of experience at the position and he took a team to a Super Bowl ( even though he didn’t play a major role on the team).  Needless to say, he is at best a competent NFL QB…John Beck on the other hand is not!!!  John Beck is NOT in my opinion anywhere near an NFL Quarterback…AT ALL!!  It seemed to me when Mr. Beck was on the playing field that he didn’t have a clue of what he was doing out there.  And you could tell by the reaction of his fellow teammates that they echoed my sentiments!!  So Coach Shanahan, I know you won’t admit this but benching Rex Grossman for John Beck may be the biggest mistake that you have made since being hired as The Redskins Coach (not trading multiple draft picks to the Philadelphia Eagles for Donovan McNabb or giving Albert Haynesworth that enormous check) but making the change at Quarterback.  Who would have ever imagined it!!??

What Were You Thinking Wednesdays: Mariah Yeater

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Mariah Yeater……WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  Who the heck is Mariah Yeater??  Well Ms. Yeater is the 20 year old California woman who recently filed a paternity suit against teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber.  And after weeks of mainstream media coverage and opinionated conversations on social networking sites, Ms. Yeater has dropped her paternity suit on Mr. Bieber.  Justin Bieber from the outset stated he had never met this woman, and volunteered to take a DNA test to prove that he was not the father of the child in question.  So the saga is now complete, but if I were advising Mr. Bieber, this wouldn’t be the last time that Ms. Yeater would see the inside of a court room.  I would file a defamation law suit or slander or whatever my attorneys could muster up that fits the criteria because people have to be stopped!  Our judicial system can not continually be made a mockery of by people in a quest to ascertain their 15 minutes of fame.  It’s not what the founders and forefathers of this country intended when they created our courts.  So we have to set a precedent and warn those that if you use our system in any way that’s not genuine, you will be punished by the full extent of the law.  Maybe that will deter others from using it in a less than admirable way!!  So Ms. Yeater you can now go on with your life, you have achieved what you wanted by having your 15 minutes of fame…and i hope it was worth it.  Because by chasing it you have wasted valuable time that could have been spent raising and nurturing your child and possibly finding the true identity of its father!!..So Sad!! …Ms. Mariah Yeater…..WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???!!!

Tuesday’s Topic: Independant Woman: Pro or Con?

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The term Independent Woman is a relatively new one that has grown in popularity over the past decade or so, and the premise of it I agree with 100%.  But I think we have lost our way a bit with the true meaning of the phrase.  Starting in the mid to late 1970’s there were a number of babies born into the world and when these babies arrived there were a group of expecting dads who at the time were selfish and didnt want the responsiblity of raising a child and providing for a family.  The result of those actions left a number of women forced  into a dual role of being both mom and dad, and I truly  believe out of these circumstances the Independent Woman was spawned.  But in those days women did those things out of necessity, not out of bitterness or fear that the women of today carry.  I often hear from women that they dont need a man for anything and they can raise a family and have a career on their own.  And those things may be true, but in saying that you’re only perpetuating the same behavior the men of the 1970’s did…just in your own way!!  You’re being selfish because you have been scarred or hurt in the past.  Now you want to eliminate the entire role of a father in the life of a child and by doing so disconnect yourself from having a companion as well!!  These are the actions of a group of people that haven’t totally thought this process through.  We all need somebody.  And let me reiterate, I totally understand being independent and I applaud it.  But being independent doesn’t mean being lonely…and your bitterness and fear is making you just that…..LONELY!!  There are only so many pets you can own to try and fill that void.  There are only so many happy hours that you and your fellow Independent Women can attend before the drinks kick in and it turns into a “MEN AIN’T ISH” and “THERE AREN’T ANY GOOD MEN” sessions.  So PLEASE dont miss my message of what I’m saying to you.  Yes reach for the stars and achieve your goals.  It’s said GOD blesses the child that has his own, but he also made Adam and Eve together!!  So please remember that the next time you’re being so “INDEPENDENT”.

It’s Monday: Mike Shanahan???

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Is it too soon to question Coach Mike Shanahan?  I asked myself that question on Sunday after another disgraceful game displayed by The Washington Redskins.  The Redskins lost to the previously one-win lowly Miami Dolphins by the final score of 20-9…bringing the seasons record to 3-6.  In the previous 3 or 4 games (hard to keep count), the Redskins have a grand total of 20 points….20 points people!!!  In the National Football League, teams average about 19 points per game (the AVERAGE teams).  Which means the Redskins aren’t even average…THEY’RE THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL!!!  Coach Shanahan’s hiring by owner Daniel Snyder was celebrated in most NFL circles as a Wonderful Hire.  Snyder was commended by most media outlets for taking a step back in his hands-on approach of running the team, and went and hired a coach who was a “FOOTBALL GUY” with the knowledge and “know how” to run not only the team, but the entire football operations.  But did anyone even ask why, if he was such a Football Mind, was he was unemployed when he was hired??  Coach Shanahan was FIRED by The Denver Broncos!!  The owner Pat Bowlen fired his long-time friend.  That should have raised some type of red flag.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I have to bring myself to fire a friend, then he must be doing a horrific job and that’s my last resort.  The Redskins have lost their last 5 games and the offense that Coach Shanahan was often labeled a “GENIUS” for his knowledge of… has regressed over the last 5 games…to a level that hasn’t been seen in the league in decades!!  It has gotten so bad that loyal fans are relegated to cheering first downs as if they were celebrating touchdowns…IT’S THAT BAD!!  So to the question that I asked earlier “Is it too soon to question Coach Shanahan?”  The answer is  HECK NO!!  The Washington Redskins Organization has gone through a very rough road the past few years and has endured many sub-par seasons but this might be the lowest of the low.  Somebody needs to start to ask some questions…NOW!  Before this once proud Team and Organization is reduced to nothing more than a punch line to comics or a laughing stock around the league…if its not already TOO LATE!!!

What Were You Thinking Wednesdays: The Halloween Shooting

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The District of Columbia’s Department of the Youth Rehabilitation Services ….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  On Monday night shortly after 8pm, Tyronn Vincent Garner (age 17) was pronounced dead at an area hospital.  Mr. Garner was shot in his head on October 31, 2011, Halloween night, in an affluent area in Washington, DC known as Georgetown.  Such a young person losing their life is a tragedy within itself, knowing that it should have never happened makes it even more sad.  I’m asking…COULD THIS HAVE BEEN AVOIDED??  Mr. Garner was a ward of the City’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services and was supposed to be removed from the city in July 2011 and sent to a facility in Pennsylvania (so he shouldn’t have been in DC anyway).  And my question to the Department and the City is “what changed??”  Mr. Garner was sent to The New Beginnings Juvenile Facility in Maryland for a brief stay, with the next step supposedly being transferred to Pennsylvania to a another facility that had more services to offer the teen.  But that never occurred.  In September the agency appeared in front of DC Superior Court’s Judge Milton Lee and they informed the Judge that New Beginnings would keep Garner without any explanation why.  Sources have said such a decision angered the judge so much that he in fact placed Garner on probation and placed a 7pm curfew on him as well.  But after all of those things occurring, no one has yet to state why the plans changed??  Was there an economic reason why the plans changed?  Was there an oversight on someones behalf?  Or was it just plain incompetence by the agency to follow up on a court order?  I’m not sure if we will ever get the true story behind the change in plans, but what I do know is that now Tyronn’s family has to plan a funeral service.  And while his loved ones mourn his death…my question to you again is…COULD IT ALL HAVE BEEN AVOIDED?  DC Department of the Youth Rehabilitation Services…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!!!   

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