Do couples these days get married for the union or for the wedding??  I have been asking myself that question recently because most couples that I encounter are having so many issues and problems (so early into the marriage) that I ask myself: did you guys put any thought into what it was going to take to sustain the marriage?  Or was it just about the ceremony?  What designer will I pick for my dress?  Which caterer are we having for the dinner?  What band am I going to have to perform, and what will our first dance be?  But it doesn’t seem like anyone is putting any thought into…how do I make this marriage work???  As I stated earlier, I have numerous friends and acquaintances who have recently gotten married and none of them are HAPPY!  Everyone is complaining about what the other person is not doing or has stopped doing OR NEVER DID!  I believe these are conversations that should have taken place before the wedding….before deciding do we serve chicken or fish?  Marriage can be a beautiful and wonderful union between two people who would like to spend the rest of their lives together, but remember…the wedding is ONE day.  Then the rest of your lives  together begins!!  So put a little more thought into the marriage and a little less on the wedding!!  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!