The term Independent Woman is a relatively new one that has grown in popularity over the past decade or so, and the premise of it I agree with 100%.  But I think we have lost our way a bit with the true meaning of the phrase.  Starting in the mid to late 1970’s there were a number of babies born into the world and when these babies arrived there were a group of expecting dads who at the time were selfish and didnt want the responsiblity of raising a child and providing for a family.  The result of those actions left a number of women forced  into a dual role of being both mom and dad, and I truly  believe out of these circumstances the Independent Woman was spawned.  But in those days women did those things out of necessity, not out of bitterness or fear that the women of today carry.  I often hear from women that they dont need a man for anything and they can raise a family and have a career on their own.  And those things may be true, but in saying that you’re only perpetuating the same behavior the men of the 1970’s did…just in your own way!!  You’re being selfish because you have been scarred or hurt in the past.  Now you want to eliminate the entire role of a father in the life of a child and by doing so disconnect yourself from having a companion as well!!  These are the actions of a group of people that haven’t totally thought this process through.  We all need somebody.  And let me reiterate, I totally understand being independent and I applaud it.  But being independent doesn’t mean being lonely…and your bitterness and fear is making you just that…..LONELY!!  There are only so many pets you can own to try and fill that void.  There are only so many happy hours that you and your fellow Independent Women can attend before the drinks kick in and it turns into a “MEN AIN’T ISH” and “THERE AREN’T ANY GOOD MEN” sessions.  So PLEASE dont miss my message of what I’m saying to you.  Yes reach for the stars and achieve your goals.  It’s said GOD blesses the child that has his own, but he also made Adam and Eve together!!  So please remember that the next time you’re being so “INDEPENDENT”.