Casey Anthony has finally resurfaced after 6 months of being in seclusion.  The infamous 25 year old  mother who was acquitted of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee in July of last year returned to America’s conscience on yesterday via a video log that was posted online.  Ms. Anthony, wearing a very different hair style and color from the last time we saw her, appeared in this 4 minute and 20 second video (watch here).  And with the acquittal by a jury of her peers…I believe she has every right to do so.  But just because you have the right to do something…DOESN’T MEAN YOU DO SO!!  We as Americans have the rights and liberties to do various things, but you have to use some discretion when doing so.  In her vlog Ms. Anthony boasted about her purchase of a new computer and her adopting a dog…never once making mention to Caylee.  And even if some of you are thinking…well maybe if she mentioned her daughter a lot of people would be outraged and say that her doing so was in poor taste….I’m here to say this entire video was in poor taste.  You were on trial for killing your daughter!!  And even though you were acquitted, you were found guilty of 4 counts of perjury for lying to the authorities.  So you are culpable for some of your actions.  Ms. Anthony boasts in her vlog that things in her life are getting back to normal and she promises more posts in the future.  Please Ms. Anthony……spare us.  As a matter of fact spare yourself!  We don’t need or want to know about your computer or your dog.  Just fade into oblivion.  Find something quiet to do with your life…never to be heard of again.  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!