Good Morning Toughtalkerz.  I know with the economy being in its current condition…and with food and gas prices being on the incline and employment opportunities on the decline…I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent day and night trying to find a way to stimulate my own personal economy….exploring any and every way to do so.  But I don’t believe most of you have ever allowed your minds to journey as far Dwayne Long.  Mr. Long’s solution to the recession was….I will fake my own death!  Dwayne Long…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???  The 38-year-old man from Lunenberg, Virginia pleaded guilty on Monday to mail fraud.  Mr. Long purchased a life insurance policy (worth 750,000) in August of 2010 from Modern Woodmen of America.  The company says they received a call from someone who said they were Mr. Long’s brother-in-law…the caller claimed Mr. Long had died in a car accident (I know you’re laughing…trust me it gets better).  The caller then asks that the paperwork to file the claim be sent to a post office box.  I will give you ONE GUESS on who went to the post office to purchase the box?  None other than…Dwayne Long (I told you it got better).  Mr. Long also attempted to order a vital records embosser (similar to a notary stamp) for Prince Edward County so he could (are you ready?) provide his own death certificate (I promise you I’m not making this up)!  But the Virginia State Police were notified instead.  Mr. Long now faces up to 20 years in prison when sentenced on June 8th of this year.  And with whatever sentence you receive…please don’t allow anyone to read your court transcripts.  Please don’t discuss your case with any of your cellmates…because if you choose to do so…then you will be forced for your entire sentence to answer the same question over and over again.  Dwayne Long…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???!!!!!