Good Morning Toughtalkerz…What is Valentine’s Day?…and why do we celebrate it??  I know I can’t be the only person who has ever asked this question.  Well Saint Valentine’s Day or simply known as Valentine’s Day is a holiday we observe on the 14th day of the month of February.  This day is associated with romantic love and has been celebrated since the 15th century…and with the evolution of Valentine’s Day there has been the commercialization and utter ruining of the day (in my opinion).  First off I’m sure when the holiday was first celebrated there wasn’t a dang flower commercial every 4 minutes on the radio (I know radios weren’t invented then…just follow me for a minute).  Or there wasn’t computer pop-ups about chocolate covered strawberries…or if you don’t purchase someone you care about a diamond you’re a loser!!!  The holiday was founded out of love…and that love should be celebrated…not with things or gifts… but with love!!!  This holiday has also changed to make people who aren’t in a “relationship” or “in love”  feel less than adequate about who they are as a person.  You mean if I’m not tied to the hip with someone I can’t be admitted to the exclusive “Valentine’s Day Club?”  To me Love is Love…no matter if I have a handle attached to it or not.  So as you go on your journey today just know if you’re married, involved in a relationship, or just have friends who you truly love and care about…Valentine’s Day is for us all.  And with that I would like to say…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!