Good Morning Toughtalkerz!  Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old high school junior from Miami, FL was visiting his dad and stepmother in Orlando recently.  The young man was spending a quiet afternoon watching coverage of the NBA All Star Weekend when he decided to take a break from TV and decided to walk to the convenience store to purchase snacks…his younger brother Chad asked Trayvon (affectionately known as Tray), to bring him back some skittles.  Chad never received those skittles because Tray never returned home.  He was shot to death.  By whom you ask?  Allegedly the person who was supposed to be in charge of keeping the community safe.  George Zimmerman (who is listed in the community newsletter as Neighborhood Watch Captain), supposedly placed a 911 call to the Sanford Police Department to report a suspicious person.  How protocol usually works is that the dispatcher asks for a description of the “suspicious” person (what they’re wearing , doing, etc.) and THEY handle it from there.  But that didn’t happen…because Tray is dead.  And now his family has to bury a promising young man who had aspirations of one day becoming a pilot.  And what happened to the alleged shooter?  Mr. Zimmerman is not in jail.  Nor has he been charged with any crime.  He actually walked away from the scene.  And I know what you’re asking yourself…how is this even possible?  Well the police are looking into the possibility of the shooting being self defense.  Yes self defense!  Tray, who at the time of the incident was carrying a can of Arizona Ice tea in his jacket pocket and a package of Skittles in his front pocket was shot dead.  And how those two items could begin to justify using deadly force to shoot the young man in the chest is beyond me!  The police have refused to release the original 911 tape to the family…and I wonder why?  Maybe it will shed some light on the incident and finally bring out the truth of what really happened.  There’s one thing I’m certain of…Trayvon Martin didn’t deserve to be murdered.  And someone needs to be held responsible for their actions.  And after reading this we all know who that should be!!  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!