Good Morning Toughtalkerz!  By now I know you all have heard about the tragedy that occurred at Chardon High School in Ohio on Monday where alleged gunman, 17-year old TJ Lane went on an apparent shooting spree killing three and wounding two others.  Well the mother of Demetrius Hewlin (the third victim to die), Phyllis Ferguson has came forward to express her memories of her beloved 16-year old son and also to express her feelings toward the suspected killer.  Shockingly, they’re not what you think they would be.  Ms. Ferguson describes her son as a “huggy, kissy boy” who was a “computer nerd” that liked to read.  She also says, “I thought he’d bury me”. He’d say, ‘When you get old Ma, you’re going to live with me and we’re going to do this”.  But now those plans have been drastically changed.  And you would think that a mother who now has to bury her 16-year old son would be seeking revenge on the perpetrator right?  Well not Ms. Ferguson.  When asked what she would say if she ever came face to face with the suspect…she replied, “I would tell him I forgive him because a lot of times they don’t know what they’re doing, that’s all I’d say”.  She also goes on to say that “I taught Demetrius not to live in the past, to live in today and forgiveness is divine. You have to forgive everything.  GOD’s grace is new each and everyday,” and ‘ Until you’ve walked in another person’s shoes, you don’t know what made him come to this point”.  So after reading Ms. Ferguson’s quotes, I began to ask myself (and you should do the same)…if a woman that has lost her son has enough strength within herself to forgive the person whom allegedly killed him, then who am I to hold a grudge over issues which are far less?  I know there are many of you who don’t speak to childhood friends anymore over trivial things.  I know some of you don’t speak to family members anymore over money loaned or borrowed.  Some of you even have friends you are no longer in contact with over issues that you can’t even remember what the origin of the initial disagreement was anymore!  I’m saying this because we have to forgive others…in order to save ourselves!  I think that’s the lesson that Ms. Ferguson has taught me here…because I’m sure she has every right to carry around that anger and hatred and no one would blame her.  But what burden will that put on the rest of her life??  She has decided to Forgive…and that’s what we ALL should do!!!  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!!