Good Morning Toughtalkerz…Usually new music is released for public consumption on Tuesdays and I would like to comment on two songs (well their technically remixes but I digress).  The two songs are..Turn Up the Music and Birthday Cake.  Both songs I happened to enjoy…both different but catchy in their own right.  But that isn’t what makes these two songs unique…the artists who are appear on these two songs do.  Turn Up the Music is a Chris Brown song off of his Grammy award winning album F.A.M.E…and the remix features Rihanna.  So with that being said, the song Birthday Cake is a Rihanna song from her latest album Talk that Talk…featuring who else, but Chris Brown.  This collaboration has made quite the stir on social media sites, blogs, morning drive radio, and water cooler talk.  The reason the songs have caused such fervor is this is the first time the two talented artists have appeared together on a song since Mr. Brown was arrested for assaulting Rihanna after a Grammy Awards party in 2009.  He eventually plead guilty and was sentenced to 5 years probation and had to undergo anger management classes.  The couple reconciled briefly after the incident but then called an end to their relationship shortly after wards.  I believe the banter that is going on now is what i call …”We always know what’s best for everyone else but ourselves syndrome” (it’s long, i know).  We’re always so quick as a society to comment on what someone else should or shouldn’t be doing with their lives…but if you would ever check out your own then there would absolutely be no room for you to advise anyone!  If after three years of soul searching and reaching a point in her life that Rihanna has forgiven Mr. Brown for assaulting her then why are YOU still holding a grudge?  She was the assault victim…NOT YOU!!  I know this incident may have you reliving something that happened to you.  Maybe you were a victim of domestic assault and you took your assailant back…only to realize your mistake because their behavior continued…or as a child you witnessed abuse in your household and you wished your mother had left your dad.  I’m not sure which one or if any suits you, but all of those incidents are separate…and if these two have found a way to live with it and move on…then people you should do the same!!!