Good Morning Toughtalkerz…Maryland Prosecutors have dropped all charges against Ryan Keith Dorm of Cottage City, Maryland.  Mr.Dorm, 19, was charged with attempted second-degree assault and attempt to disarm a law enforcement officer.  With these types of charges levied against him, are you asking yourself…why would the prosecutor arrive at such a decision in this case??  Well maybe because the two Prince George’s County Officers who arrested Mr. Dorm have been suspended and are now under criminal investigation….for allegedly fabricating the story around the arrest and police involved shooting that occurred during the apprehension!  Corporal Donald Taylor, a 13 year veteran and another officer both assigned to the Robbery Suppression Task Force were supposedly responding to a robbery in progress call at the Lowest Price gas station and convenience store at the 3800 block of Rhode Island Ave when they saw a suspect flee the scene.  A foot chase ensued and the officers reported that their gun fired when the suspect (Mr. Dorm) tried to disarm the officer.  So if this is the officer’s word against a suspect’s word (who by the way has a criminal past)…why are Mr. Dorm’s charges dropped and two officers are facing charges??  Because there was a video.  A video camera from an adjoining business filmed the entire incident.  And the video evidence does not support the officers’ claim according to Carlos Acosta, newly appointed Inspector General overseeing the Prince George’s Police Department.  Mr. Acosta has sent the video to the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney for further investigation.  So Mr. Dorm is a free man.  But ask yourselves, without that video evidence, would he be?  I know they’re hundreds, if not thousands, of people daily in this country who claim they were arrested and are falsely accused of their charges…and we as citizens just go on our merry way.  We believe what the officers’ accounts are (and most are truthful…we hope).  We just arrest/indict/convict/and sentence…all on the word sometimes of that arresting officer.  As long as the streets are being patrolled and we feel safe then no harm, no foul.  Right??  But ask yourselves, if there was a false account or fabricated story in this case, how many more Ryan Dorm’s are there??  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!!