Good Morning Toughtalkerz…A Frederick County Maryland prosecutor is allowing a former senior pastor at Barnesville Baptist Church to strike a plea agreement on charges he sexually abused a pre-teen girl.  Joe Ivey of Walkersville, MD will enter said agreement this morning in Frederick County Circuit Court.  The deal will result in a conviction for a second degree sex offense says Assistant State’s Attorney Tammy Leach.  She also says the state will recommend a sentence of 20 years in prison (which seems proper for such a crime) …with all but 4 years suspended.  Let me explain what that means for anyone isn’t versed in “court lingo”…this means Mr. Ivey will only actually have to spend 4 years in jail (maybe even less if he is allowed to earn good time on his sentence).  Mr. Ivey was initially charged in September for having sexual contact with a girl from January 2009 to December 2010.  The victim in this case was 10 to 11 years old when the abuse occurred.  Mr. Ivey was actually taped on a phone call according to the charging documents.  On the call the victim told Mr. Ivey she didn’t know if she should tell anyone, and he responded that she should not, and that what happened was between “you, me and GOD”.  This despicable behavior by Mr. Ivey is another example of why plea agreements in certain cases should be taken off the table.  Not only was Mr. Ivey an adult, he was a pastor in a church.  A person who is in a position of authority where kids, adults and whomever seek guidance, help and protection.  Mr. Ivey used that to his advantage to satisfy his sick urges and to assault a precious child.  Mr. Ivey your actions are deplorable sir!  And we have to start to set a precedent in these types of cases…these vultures who prey on the weak and innocent should be given the maximum jail time in these cases.  If some of these predators see the jail terms that are being rendered by the courts it may become a deterrent to them and allow them to maybe think and reconsider their thoughts and actions…before following through and ruining another child’s life!!