Good Morning Toughtalkerz,

A Brooklyn, NY woman was arraigned in criminal court on Tuesday charged with endangering the welfare of a child.  Dalisha Adams….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  The 26 year old mother of two turned herself into the police on Sunday after a city-wide search was underway to find the parents or guardian of two abandoned girls (Dominae 3, and Dioni, 2) found wondering on a sidewalk clutching a fistful of diapers.  Ms. Adams, who has no criminal record did not enter a plea in court on Tuesday as her bail was set at $2,500..and the court has now ordered her to have no contact with her daughters.  Ms. Adams’ family claims her innocence and states she was dropping off her two daughters to their father Shawn Cobbs whose mother lives near a housing complex where the girls were found.  And even if that is true, my gripe with Ms. Adams is…why didn’t you make sure the girls were secure inside before you just left them??  If you ask Ms. Adams’ family they will tell you that she was on her way to her second job (she is also a security guard).  But no job or the tardiness to said job is worth you not taking at least 2 minutes to make sure your daughters are warm and out of their coats and secure inside of a safe dwelling before you leave them.  The two girls were found by neighbors and taken to a local police station where they didn’t even know their last names to assist the officers in finding their parents.  This is a “SAD” case…and even if jail isn’t the punishment warranted in this case…I hope this is a wake up call to you Ms. Adams.  The next time you just leave your kids and don’t make sure their safe…being temporarily unable to contact them may become permanent if your behavior doesn’t change!!  Dalisha Adams….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!!