Dear toughtalker,
Can men and women be just friends?  I, as well as some of my girlfriends have male friends – that are just that – friends.  And yet we met some guys at a bar the other day that insisted that men and women can’t be JUST FRIENDS.  They said that all of your male friends want to sleep with you…period.  Is that true? I have male friends that have never tried anything and it’s hard for me to accept they may have other motives.


Good Morning Toughtalker,

Thank You for submitting your letter.  Let me start off by saying…Of course men and women can be just friends…and anyone who can’t grasp this concept has a lot of growth and personal maturing to do!!!  Now there are some men who will begin a friendship with a woman with the hope of maybe, just maybe, that one day after a break up with a boyfriend or a night on the town with one too many alcoholic beverages…that maybe one thing may lead to another…and your relationship may take that turn that they had envisioned and hoped for.  And as strange as this may sound, some men will wait years for the possibility of this happening!  But most MEN that I have encountered are more than capable of having a platonic relationship with a female.  And the men who say otherwise…are men by age and gender only…but are still boys in their maturity.  All men don’t think with their private areas when it pertains to friendships!!!  HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!