There is a battle going on in Washington DC over something that I believe is being misrepresented by citizens, advisory neighborhood commissioners, and the city council…and that is the dilemma over medical marijuana and where it is cultivated (grown).  The DC City Council approved legislation restricting how much medical marijuana can be cultivated in each ward in the city…caving to pressure from Northeast residents who believe that Ward 5 could be overrun with growing facilities.  The City Council struck a compromise stating that no more than 6 cultivation centers can be located in any ward.  My question to the residents who were protesting the centers coming to there ward is…What is your issue with it??  Are there some plans for these warehouses??  I ask that question because that section of Northeast Washington, DC has always been the the city’s warehousing/industrial section and if there are already warehouses there then why can’t they be used to supply a medicine to those who really need it??  I know that medical marijuana is a relatively new way in combating disease and ailments, but through research it has shown to be a way to relieve pain from patients who are suffering from cancers, it gives appetites to those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS, and it also has been known to help patients suffering from glaucoma/cataracts.  So if marijuana can do so much good, then what’s the issue?  Are we putting our thoughts above someone’s health??  Are we that caught up in one Ward 5 activist’s perception of the neighborhood becoming a “dumping ground” that we would put PERCEPTIONS above the REALITY of helping others in need??  I would like to know because until you have lived with a loved one suffering from cancer and the medical marijuana eases some of their daily pains – or a HIV family member whose lack of nourishment has left them in an almost vegetative state but with the help of  medical marijuana they have an appetite and eat – or a senior citizen whose eyesight is now failing them through glaucoma/cataracts and they have a difficult time seeing their loved ones and with the aid of medical marijuana, they can get a glimpse of those faces again.  Until any of these things affect you or your loved ones, I guess you will continue to take offense to the cultivation centers.  But I hope and pray that you or any of your loved ones won’t need it anytime soon!!  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!