The Costa Concordia Cruise ship capsized off the coast of Tuscany, Italy last week and with 11 people confirmed dead and an unconfirmed amount still missing my question for ship’s Captain Francesco Schettino is…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  Mr. Schettino (who doesn’t deserve the title Captain) was detained and later released from jail after being questioned by Italian Coast Guard Officials and is currently under home arrest for suspicion of manslaughter and abandoning ship.  Mr. Schettino has been accused of piloting the ship too fast to allow him to react to dangers causing the ship to wreck.  And even if his lack of judgment was a mistake on his behalf, the actions that he has displayed since the horrific accident can be called nothing short of “DESPICABLE”.  Mr. Schettino’s story has changed numerous times since being initially questioned by officials.  First he told investigators that he had abandoned the vessel (which is the first rule of what NOT to do as a captain), then he claimed that he had not abandoned ship but was “catapulted into the water” and the ship ran into a rock and began taking on water.  Mr. Schettino can you make up your mind….which “STORY” is it??  Since his initial statements, the Italian Coast Guard has released a transcript of the dialog between them and Mr. Schettino and it reveals that not only is he being un-truthful with his statements, but it shows that he was only interested in self-preservation and nothing else!  An official of the Coast Guard states that he demanded Mr. Schettino to re-board the ship and quotes him saying…”You get on Board…This is an order” and the transcript also states that Mr.Schettino was told..”You have ‘Abandoned Ship’!  Now I’m in charge.  You get back on board…is that clear?”  But Mr. Schettino, you didn’t.  You decided to abandon the 3200 passengers on board, as well as the 1,000 crew members who served underneath you – all of whom put their safety and lives in your hands.  And you failed them Sir!!  So when you’re reflecting on your actions I hope you understand that “CAPTAIN” isn’t just a title…it’s what you do as a leader…and I don’t believe you have any leadership qualities within you!!  Mr. Francesco Schettino…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!???