Jamie Hein, a landlord in Cincinnati, asked the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to reconsider a ruling it made regarding a law she violated.  What law did she violate you ask?  Well Ms. Hein violated the Ohio Civil Rights Act by posting a sign that reads “PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL, WHITE ONLY” (yes, its 2012!) on the gate surrounding the pool on her property.  Ms. Hein is disputing this decision that was initially brought forth by former tenant Michael Gunn who along with his girlfriend lived upstairs in a duplex, with Ms. Hein residing downstairs.  Mr. Gunn is a Caucasian male whose first disagreement with his landlord started when his 10-year old bi-racial daughter came to visit him in May 2011.  Mr. Gunn and his daughter took a visit downstairs to the pool where they spent the day swimming and enjoying themselves.  Sounds like a wonderful day shared between a father and his daughter on a lovely spring day right?  But shortly after, Ms. Hein accused Mr. Gunn’s daughter of making the pool cloudy because of the chemicals she used in her hair!!  My question to Ms. Hein would be: what cosmetology school did you graduate from??  Or what Masters degree did you receive in the field of hair chemicals??  Or even, what’s the name of your pool cleaning company?  If the answer to any of these questions are what I think they are…then you need to stop with the shading of your true feelings!  We all know what they are!  So if those are your thoughts embrace them, don’t hide behind kids hair care products to mask what you really feel.  But I wish good luck and encouragement on trying to get your decision overturned.  If the Ohio Civil Rights Commission doesn’t rule in your favor, then I say take it to the Ohio State Court.  If you fail there, take it to the Circuit Courts.  Don’t stop or quit until you lobby The Supreme Court to hear your case!  Don’t spare any expense, even if you have to sell your duplex to do so.  And if you do sell your duplex on your journey for justice, I know the Citizens of Cincinnati will be better off for it!  JUST MY THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!