Jack Bruce Johnson, a name that has been the topic of numerous nightly news segments, social networking jokes, and many dinner-time conversations, will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to extortion and witness tampering.  And for me, instead of being like most of you, I’m more angered at the potential for what was lost…rather than the crimes that Mr. Johnson pled guilty too.  Before Mr. Johnson became the County Executive he was the hired by Judge Alexander Williams Jr. (then State’s Attorney) to become the Deputy State’s Attorney and then preceded Judge Williams to the office of State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County.  An office that at the time was only held by one African American.  Mr. Johnson was responsible for launching a probe into police brutality in Prince George’s County, which at the time had a reputation of the officers engaging in such behavior.  And along with that, was responsible for bringing growth to the area with shopping malls, middle class housing, etc., which led to Prince George’s County being ranked nationally as one of the wealthiest counties for middle class African Americans families in the country.  But those things, as well as a myriad of others, have been erased by Mr. Johnson and his GREED.  His selfish behavior has not only made him the brunt of jokes, but has made his entire term as a public servant a WASTE!!  So now we wait, and we ponder, what could have been.  I hope, Mr. Johnson, that sometime soon you reflect on the impact you COULD have made.  But instead we’re left with the impact you DID make!!!