IS THERE REALLY A RECESSION IN AMERICA?? I ask that question because we have arrived at the holiday season and the more things change, the more they remain the same.  We recently just experienced one the biggest shopping days on the calendar (Black Friday) and the retail industry had one of its most profitable periods in recent history.  And with “Cyber Monday” recording similar or greater sales totals, my question is…if there is a recession…where is all of this money coming from??  We are led to believe that there aren’t any jobs being generated, and that the unemployment rates are high.  We have people occupying the streets because of their dissatisfaction with the current economic system here America.  But over a 3 to 4 day period Americans have spent billions of dollars on shopping.  How is this even possible??  My thoughts are this “RECESSION” is a  fabricated one.  Not to say that some Americans aren’t struggling and having difficult times ascertaining employment, but if we as Americans can spend Billions of dollars in days, then I truly believe we can solve this ‘RECESSION”.  That’s if there ever really was one to begin with…..