I have just one thing to ask this morning…CAN HE FINALLY REST IN PEACE?  The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray has reached a verdict and the outcome had already been pre-determined in my eyes.  Mr. Murray was found guilty of one count of manslaughter in the death of Michael Joseph Jackson.  Mr. Jackson died of cardiac and respiratory arrest following a propofol (anesthesia) overdose on June 25, 2009 in Holmby Hills, CA.  And every since that day Mr. Jackson has been going through in death what his life had become…a “MEDIA CIRCUS”.  There have been countless amounts of stories, books, songs, poems and everything else surrounding this man’s life and death…once again proving that Mr. Jackson was just a commodity to some.  Nothing more than a way to prosper and earn riches, and not a HUMAN BEING!!  The trial of Mr. Murray carried on for a few weeks and the jury only deliberated for 10 hours before reaching a verdict (quick if you ask me), enforcing my belief that the conclusion had already been pre-determined.  Someone had to be made responsible for millions of dollars being lost, and Mr. Murray was that person.  Now I’m not saying that Mr. Murray wasn’t negligent with his behavior and failed to honor his oath as a physician, but he wasn’t the only person who was negligent here!!!  Everyone in Mr. Jackson’s inner circle was well aware of Mr. Jackson’s dependency on prescription drugs, but where was the rehabilitation?  Where were the interventions??  Where was the help that this man needed?  You went along with whatever allowed Mr. Jackson to continue to earn money for you.  I have a question for you all: Did any of you really care about Michael Jackson??  If you proclaim that you did, then why turn your head and allow this incompetent, negligent behavior to continue?  Mr. Conrad Murray isn’t the only person who should have been on trial, there were numerous enablers and co-conspirators that should have had a seat at the defense table right next to him, in my opinion.  So when you guys are out having your celebratory dinners and drinks just take a moment to really ponder how your lack of concern for Mr. Jackson’s well being and not your bottom line contributed to the demise of such a gifted man…..R.I.P MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON.