Good Morning Toughtalkers…….I have one question to ask Herman Cain…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  The Former head of The National Restaurant Association and now GOP front-runner for the nomination to represent the Republican Party in the 2012 Presidential election has found himself in a bit of hot water recently when it was reported that there were two sexual harassment claims that were filed against him in the past. These cases were not only filed but settled out of court.  One woman was reportedly paid $34,000 (a year’s salary) in severance pay, and the other female accuser reportedly received 2 to 3 months (not sure which as of yet) in severance pay which concluded in 1992.  Now my question to you Mr. Cain is… didn’t you know what JOB your were applying for??  You’re not running a Pizza Parlor anymore.  You’re campaigning to become The President of The United States of America!!!  Mr. Cain, do you know what comes along with that?  I guess not…so allow me to enlighten you.  This endeavor comes with the most rigorous vetting process in the world!!  Did you think these claims weren’t going to be made public?  I guess he was thinking more about that 999 plan.  Mr. Cain has spoken out recently about these suits and it’s difficult at best to keep up with his explanation, because it changes every time he tells it.  He has gone to great lengths to understate what happened and has even dismissed the allegations made by these women.  Mr. Cain, have we not learned anything from the past political missteps (JUST TELL THE TRUTH).  So now you have an attorney for one of the women, Joel Bennett, petitioning the Restaurant Association to lift the confidentiality agreement so she can speak on exactly what happened with the case and why there was a settlement.  Mr. Cain the water seems to be getting deeper and deeper every time you make a statement.  Whoever is advising you needs to stop concentrating so much on making youtube commercials of you smoking cigarettes and start doing his job…which is supposed to be running your campaign!  Because it’s sinking fast!!  Mr. Herman Cain…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???!!!