DeAndre Cortez Way..WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??  Mr. Way was arrested this week and is now facing Felony Charges on gun and drug possession.  And for those of you asking yourself, “well who is DeAndre Cortez Way?”, he goes by the moniker Souljaboytellem.  The young man exploded onto the music scene in 2007 with the hit record and dance sensation that swept across America entitled “Crank-That” (Super-Man).  Mr. Way has lived a true rags to riches story.  He was the fresh-faced kid who was living with his father in Batesville, Mississippi with a passion for music.  That desire and his love for social networking turned this normal teenager into a Worldwide Celebrity!  But with most rags to riches stories, there are peaks and valleys.  I believe Mr. Way is in a valley and without the proper guidance and mentors, he may never get out of it.  DeAndre is already on probation from a February 2010 incident that occurred in Henry County, Georgia.  And with these new charges charges he is now facing it could be that the clock is about to strike 12 on this Cinderella Story.  If you compare a picture of Mr. Way from 2007 and a current picture of the young man, it would be difficult at best to recognize him.  His appearance has drastically changed over the past 4 years.  The once fresh-faced kid who even had grown folks trying to recreate the dance that he made famous along with his song  is now a tattoo-faced, pierced up “WANNABE THUG” whose last album release only sold a meager 15,000 copies in its first week.  That’s a mere fraction of his past releases.  Mr. Way has also been the topic of numerous allegations of severe drug use and addiction, and now with this latest run-in with the law, I’m not certain how if ever, Mr. Way could even possibly return to the success that once made him the Golden Child of the music industry.  But for now this has become a little more than just about record sales and videos.  A young man’s life is at stake and i hope there can be some type of intervention or something to aid DeAndre when he needs it most.  You’ve worked too hard to now just throw it all away…..WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???!!!