It’s Tuesday, October 18, 2011 and there is an Amber Alert issued and an intensive search going on for an 11 year old male by the name of William McQuain.  The question that I have is: how did we even get here?  On Wednesday of last week Montgomery County, Maryland Police were called to a Germantown apartment complex and upon arriving at the location they found Jane McQuain, 51, deceased in her bedroom.  The victim had stab wounds and blunt force trauma to her body which caused her death.  Upon further investigation by the police officers it was discovered that Ms. McQuain had an 11 year old son and no one can locate this young man. The detectives in the case made a visit to the school where William was enrolled and found out that not only was William not at school that day, but he hasn’t been attending school regularly since the first couple weeks of the school year.  I thought when kids have truancy issues that there is a system set up to not only notify the parents but to do an investigation/home visit, or SOMETHING to actually check on well being of the student.  I don’t know who dropped the ball!  I’m not saying the school system could have prevented the death of Ms. McCain, but maybe with some attention being brought to the issues that William was obviously having with his truancy, then there may not be searches going on now in our local parks for the young man. 

In North Carolina there is a man in custody and awaiting extradition back to Maryland on charges.  His name is Curtis Lopez.  Mr. Lopez is a suspect in the murder of Jane McCain.  The two have been involved in a relationship and when arrested Mr. Lopez was in possession of Ms. McCain’s vehicle, as well as some of her other personal belonging.  The case is still being investigated and the search continues for William and I’m praying that with conclusion of the case we actually find his whereabouts with a safe return home.  But with a little bit of concern and some people doing their job, maybe William being missing could have been avoided.