I have a question: WHAT HAPPENED TO BLACK MEN?  I’m asking this question because what I have been observing recently through the media has been atrocious. When did it become fashionable to strike a woman?  How is this now entertainment??  I’ve recently viewed several viral videos of “MEN” beating women down in the streets.  I’m shocked at this type of behavior!  When did this become acceptable?  Where have we gone wrong with our generation of kids that they believe there can be any explanation to striking a woman?  Who is raising our children to teach them that this is ok to do?? I truly believe this comes from the way we are raising our kids.  I always hear parents telling kids “if  someone hits you, you better hit them back!”  But I rarely hear those same parents preface that sentence with: IF IT’S A BOY, you better hit them back.  They make that statement a general one.  So from that point on if you’re wronged in any way, the remedy for this is lashing back no matter the gender of the person, and that’s just wrong!  We have to do a much better job being PARENTS.  Parents, the way our children eventually grow up is a direct byproduct on how we raised them.  So if we teach them these things as kids, then they’re acting this way as young adults. When has placing your hands on a lady as if you’re in a brawl with a man become en vogue?  Also for the spectators of these actions displayed by your family, friend, homie, etc., how has this become palateable that you would actually be a witness to this type of action, and think it’s humorous in any way?  We are really dealing with a pattern of thinking that I don’t think we have ever encountered folks.  And yes I know there has been spousal abuse for ages and the reality of that still exists, but this isn’t that.  This is not having any respect for women. These are BEATINGS …PERIOD…and enough is enough!  These aren’t Men, these aren’t even boys because I wouldn’t even disrespect boys to even put you COWARDS in their category. You’re PUNKS, plain and simple!  And the next time GOD forbid you see any of these actions taking place and you don’t at least say something to curtail this type of assault, then you’re just as guilty as the person that’s doing the beating…and I’m calling you a COWARD TOO!!  Just My Thoughts People..